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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley

Widget IconPrince Widget Chaos Curley
    aka "Bane of Paper Products"

Born: August 6, 2005

    We went to DCHS looking for a kitten after the sudden death of our Princess Lunch. Popsicle (original name at DCHS) was so named because of his tragic early life: he and his sister (Dreamsicle) were found nearly frozen to death in a puddle the previous December after being injured by a dog. He needed a home that didn't have children, but had experience with feral cats because he was so incredibly shy around people. He also couldn't be declawed. The first time I held him, he purred loudly at me. I felt that Lunch, who had the loudest purr I ever heard, sent us to DCHS to find this little guy in desperate need of exactly the kind of home we had to offer. Brian named him Widget because we felt that Popsicle was a reminder of his harsh life before joining our family.
    During the acclimation process when Widget was in his own bedroom, Harry would reach his paw under the door to try to touch Widget. Sometimes the two boys would call to each other through the door, almost as if they were playing "Marco!" "Polo!" When we finally integrated them, the boys immediately bonded. One time I was on the phone with the vet, discussing Goober's latest health issues, and I had to pause the call to quiet the boys. The doctor expressed concern that the boys were fighting, but I told her that they were just 'wrassling' - like my brothers did when I was growing up. Widget and Harry love to play together, and bathing each other frequently evolves into more 'wrassling.' 
    Every morning when Brian sits up on the side of the bed, Widget will come to him demanding his morning belly rubs. When I settle down at night, Widget makes the same demand. You can tell how much we hate doing this, don't you?
    Widget always has had big feet, and since his adoption, we've learned that this is called "snowshoe paws."
    Nicknames: Handsome Prince, Snugglebunny, Widgety-Woo;
    Dwarf Nickname: Sleepy
    Click here for more photos of Widget.