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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley

Gleep IconPrincess Queen Gleep Snugglebunny Curley
    aka "Mistress of Mischief"

Born: June 6, 2006 (Yes, 6-6-6; it suits her)

    When I held Gypsy (original name at DCHS) for the first time, she put her head on my shoulder and started purring loudly. She rubbed her nose up to mine and licked my face. Then she did the same to Brian. We were hooked. Even though Brian said it was my turn to pick a kitten, he really wanted Gypsy; but I wanted her, too. Not only was it my turn to pick out the kitten, but it was my turn to name her. I chose Gleep from the MythAdventures books by Robert Asprin.
    When we finally integrated all the cats, the boys weren't sure what to make of this little bundle of energy. Widget and Harry bonded immediately, but Harry always wanted a baby brother. In the span of ten months, Harry went from being the youngest cat in our household to being the oldest. We adopted Widget after the death of Lunch, and we adopted Gleep after the death of Goober. Plus, Harry is the only one who is front declawed (because of our excellent experiences with Widget, we decided that declawing a cat is no longer necessary). Gleep is fearless around her big brothers and everyone else.
    Gleep sleeps on the bed with us either at my feet or next to my head. She is very much a lap cat, sometimes sleeping in my arms for hours. Every night, she curls up with Brian and pokes at his neck and purrs at him because she is such a Daddy's Girl. Her middle name is "Snugglebunny."
    Gleep and Nibbler love to play together and chase each other. If the puppy gets too rough with his sister, she has no qualms about jumping to the counter and out of his reach. However, Gleep did teach Nibbler how to jump the baby gate we used to keep him in his bedroom.
    She has beautiful black fur with a white "sweetness spot" on her chest, slanted eyes, and tufts of fur that protrude through her toes. She's so adorable!
    Nicknames: Bane of Socks, Shadow, Chaos, Prima Donna, Little Miss Fuzzy Britches, Basement Cat, Ebony.
    Dwarf Nickname: Happy
    Click here for more photos of Gleep.