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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley

Celebrating our critters past and present...
    This website was inspired by, a photoblog of Katamari, the cutest scottish fold in all of Brooklyn. Katamari is cute, but my husband Brian and I think she's not as cute as our critters, and I know she doesn't have an original drawing by John Kovalic:
Lori's Angels

From left:  Princess Lunch (RIP), Queen Goober (RIP), Crown Prince Harry (the vampire cat with horns on his halo), Prince Widget, and Princess Queen Gleep. I commissioned Kovalic to do a drawing of Prince Nibbler, but he's an excellent procrastinator
    I wanted a photoblogsite to celebrate our critters past and present. Enjoy as you peruse these pages that include stories from all of our critters, and come back often as the site is updated with more photos, videos, and stories of the best critters in the whole world - or at least in our home, aka Castle Curley.
-Lori, Queen of Castle Curley